Face-Off Training - Overview


Check out the Eck's Factor Lacrosse YouTube Channel for more detailed instruction. 


Fitness Training


This work out started with a Strength Phase:

  • 5X5 Front Squats w/ 10 seconds rest
  • 5X5 Broad Jumps w/ 120 seconds rest
  • 4X5 Standing Hamstring Curls (Each Leg) w/ 75 seconds rest

After the strength phase we get into MAP training again to focus on the type of conditioning necessary for a lacrosse player.

  • 5X Weighted Thick Grip Pull-Ups
  • 5X Push Press (Focus on Accelerating the bar up the Decelerating on the way down)
  • 6X Axe Chops (Each Side)
  • 25 Meters of Prowler
  • 15 Sec of “Ropes Gone Wild”

This is repeated 5 times with a 2 minute break between each circuit.