In Season - MAP Training

As the season progresses my workouts are constantly modified to focus on areas that need improvement, ensure constant progress is made and to account for the bumps and bruises of the season. This work out started with a Strength Phase:

5X5 Front Squats w/ 10 seconds rest 5X5 Broad Jumps w/ 120 seconds rest 4X5 Standing Hamstring Curls (Each Leg) w/ 75 seconds rest

After the strength phase we get into MAP training again to focus on the type of conditioning necessary for a lacrosse player.

5X Weighted Thick Grip Pull-Ups 5X Push Press (Focus on Accelerating the bar up the Decelerating on the way down) 6X Axe Chops (Each Side) 25 Meters of Prowler 15 Sec of “Ropes Gone Wild”

This is repeated 5 times with a 2 minute break between each circuit.